Larissa Riquelme – Babe of the Month (September 2010)

Larissa Riquelme is hot

Another product of the 2010 World Cup, the Paraguayan fan, Larissa Riquelme first appeared cheering for her country with a phone between her boobs. Later, she promised her nation was Diego Maradona promised his – she was going to strip butt-naked and run through her hometown if Paraguay was to win the World Cup.

It was quite a task for Paraguay and Larissa finally said that she will strip if Paraguay makes it to the semifinal. Turns out, the hopes of her millions of fans were going to be crushed because the Spaniards were destined for glory. Larissa quickly came to the rescue and announced that she will strip anyway but she will not run through the city.
Sexy Larissa Riquelme

Good enough. Larissa stripped for Paraguay and the whole world salutes her patriotism! And to applaud her efforts, Soccerlens has decided to make her the Babe of the Month for September 2010.

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