Beyoncé, this woman who becomes pregnant and takes superhuman powers

Beyonce's pregnancy as well as a social phenomenon has become a source of super strength and power to Beyoncé. Come on, now see if moving the badly parked car with his hands should not be surprised because, as she has confessed her pregnancy makes today feel a strong, free and full of power: I feel great. I feel free, with plenty of power.

I had often wondered what it would be my life when I was pregnant. What I can say is that I am happy and glad that people around me are too. Now I smell everything. If I smell bad, I hate it. If it smells good, I love what you have is pregnant (and people like me with a super sense of smell), that during pregnancy the smell of it becomes a super special skill that can often gamble tricks.

And if we add the fact that since she is with child sits with the ability to move the world to me that Beyonce is brewing inside is not half human. I would better watch just in case the whim of your wife, Jay-Z, who have all the earmarks are not going to be anything ordinary ...

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