Changes - Reflection of the day

No one has said that life is easy. No one has said that we can reach our goals without fighting for them. The struggle for survival is difficult, but it has its rewards. Every day is an opportunity for that struggle and with every effort, with every obstacle that we tear down, we can find happines and the same time we can reach our goals. Sometimes we get to think that we are nothing, that nothing we do in life is important, that we are in this world without any purpose. However we are wrong whenever we think that way. God gave us life to be happy, not for suffering. He gave us the instruments to attain all our goals and to be happy. We are the ones who forget about it and because of that we fall in despair. Who can correct it? We are the ones that can correct it. The only ones that can change our own circumstances..

In order to begin, let us think about all the good things that we have with us: Our capacity to reason, our five senses to perceive the world that surround us, our family, our friendships, our good health, our individual freedom to think and act and so many other things that make our life more interesting and we often forget about. If we take some few minutes from every day to reflect about everything positive that surround us and are always with us, we'll be in capacity to appreciate them and be happier.

Happiness is not laughing all the time. Happiness is overcoming our daily difficulties; helping others; preparing the road for those that will come; contemplating nature; sharing everything we have; identifying with God and with this marvelous universe; listening to a melody,; reading a poem than impress our artistic sensibility; performing some manual task and so many other things else. Life is the most precious gift that we have with us and with it we can perform whatever we determine. The opportunity to be happy is there, very close to us. If we really want to be happy, nothing, no one will be able to stop us in attaining this goal.

"Happiness is with me everyday"

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